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About us

UNIFARM sp. z o.o. specializes in contractual production and production for order of dietary supplements. Due to our knowledge and experience, we are able to provide the highest quality of service. We provide counselling - starting from the development of technology and ingredients, through carrying out technological tests, production, packaging, labelling, developing documentation and a registration of the product. Moreover, we are able to provide the tests of a ready making.
We are flexible - we can produce both very small as well as large batches of products. We offer our clients a full array of production services concerning dietary supplements in a form of powders, tablets, and hard gelatine and cellulose capsules. Our flexibility allows us to adjust lead time to our customers’ current needs regardless the production volume.

Subject to the Regulation (EC) No. 852 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs, our production is based on HACCAP system and Good Hygienic Practice. Moreover, we have implemented ISO 9001:2015 system.
UNIFARM sp. z o.o. produces dietary supplements pursuant to the Act of 25 August 2006 on Security of Food and Nutrition (Polish Journal of Laws no. 171) with the amendments of 8 January 2010 on the amendment of the above mentioned Act and some other acts (1) (Polish Journal of Laws of 8 February 2010). UNIFARM sp. z o.o. is incorporated into the register of companies subject to the official control of the National Health Inspectorate run by the Poviat Health Inspector based in Wrocław.

What we do


Developing technology and a recipe

We offer a service of developing non-standard recipes according to individual needs and ideas. We will also help to adjust an appropriate form of a product - caps, tablets or powder.

Graphic design and legal assessment of the labels

A label is a key to success of every product. We guarantee professional help in that matter. We design labels subject to current regulations on dietary supplement labeling. We can also provide legal assessment of a label pursuant to applicable laws.

Purchase of raw materials and packagings

Our database includes tens of qualified suppliers of both raw materials as well as packagings.

In-bulk production

We offer an in-bulk production of caps and tablets in bulk packs.

Conducting technological tests

Before commencing a right production, we conduct technological tests. We verify the content of active substances, flavour and the consistence of a product. After the approval, the production is started.


We offer a production of mixtures of different capacity.
We have blungers of the capacity between 60l and 500l.


We offer encapsulating of products with the use of a gelatine or cellulose cover for vegans and vegetarians. We produce capsules of the following sizes: #000, #00, #0, and #1. The colour of a capsule is adjusted to the customer’s needs.


According to a customer’s needs, we produce tablets of different shapes, sizes and colours so their look is attractive for future consumers.

Bulk breaking of ready products in foil, PET/HDPE jars, boxes

Packing, bulk breaking and labelling are the last stages of production. Also at this stage we care about the product so it looks as best as it can. We can ensure the possibility of labelling from the smallest to the largest packagings.

Documentation development

Every supplement produced by us has complete quality documentation. Starting from product cards and finishing with attestations and quality certificates.

Conducting registration process

Every supplement produced by us is registered in Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

Tests of a ready product

Every ready product undergoes microbiological tests for the presence of heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

100% Quality

We have a certificate

We have implemented ISO 9001:2015 and HACCAP systems.


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